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David Heuberger – Rainy days

Date: 21. Mai 2013

David Heuberger - fs smith by Lui Summer

photo by Lui Summer – Dornbirn 2012

film: Alexander Stark, Michael Simic
edit: Alexander Stark – Stark Film
music: The Heavens – This Beautiful Machine

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Marco Helm part

Date: 9. Mai 2013

YUX! member Marco Helm showing some Skateboarding out of St. Pölten. Good to see him skate again, after his hard impact!

photo by Clemens Nechansky, Ljubljana 2012

Filmed by: Patrick Staudinger, Mario Kickinger

Edited by: Christoph Bauer


ChocQuibTown – El BomboMikey

Dread Bank Robber (Rockers Galore mix)

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Alessandro Magnani throwaway minipart

Date: 19. Januar 2013

Throwaway minipart from Alessandro Magnani!

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Alessandro Magnani – Converse EFD Days 2012 SKATEDELUXE

Date: 25. November 2012

Alessandro presents his new part from the Converse Engineered For Destruction Days. Yeah baby!

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Thomas Steinwender – Irie Daily part

Date: 2. November 2012

Enjoy watching Thomas Steinwender’s new Irie Daily part!